who were the founding fathers?

55 white men. rich slave-owners, bond-holders, merchants, land speculators. wealthy aristocrats. the ruling class. you were taught in school that they were humanitarian leaders of society, heroes of democracy that we must honor. you were taught that they wrote a list of principles “for keeping people free.” this is a falsehood.the founding fathers of america were the 1% of their era. the founding documents were written to create an oligarchy cleverly disguised a a democracy. the nationalistic rhetoric that you hear in political speeches and see in school textbooks is all part of the plan. the rich white men tried to convince everyone that america is a democracy, that america is a government in which the majority rules.  the problem is, most of you believed them! you have been indoctrinated by videos like the one below since you were a little kid, since your mind was first forming its conceptions about the world. you have been told nothing but lies ever since you first began to see yourself as part of society.

examine the video and ask yourself: who is writing american history? what ideals are we promoting in our schools? what ethnicities does the video include in its depiction of the american melting pot? why can’t the girl vote? notice the last scene. it shows a wooden house in the middle of the woods. next the trees get cut down and hundreds of identical houses are built. (suburbia) next hundreds of american flags are erected, one outside of each house. is this or is it not promoting america as a blind mass of citizens who willingly submit to a societal system in which standardization and conformity are the keystones and most important principles? is it or is it not promoting a lazy and uneducated population who does what it is told? (that means believing that voting for one of two figureheads that the wealthy have put forth on the ballot is the only way you can be politically active. oh, and waving an american flag and clapping when a politician says he believes in liberty is also good)

school is an institution of american society! you will never see the truth if you think school gives you an education. school gives you a dogmatic indoctrination. begin by examining who the founding fathers really were.

what is this saying about the american vision? do the people in the pictures accurately portray the ethnic composition of america? do they accurately represent

“the people?” 

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3 Responses to who were the founding fathers?

  1. Hello,
    I would like to use some of the Founding Father graphics you have on a history calender that I am working on, may I have your permission?

  2. I think that you should take your own advice, “begin by examining who the founding fathers really were.” by reading their writings more. I am also guessing that you think anyone who makes money is evil and only has greedy intentions. If Americans are so lazy, then how do you explain all of the advances that “lazy” Americans have invented. You are correct, money for greed only is not good for society, but if that money is used to advance society, then everyone benefits.

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