music from mali.

april 2012: a group of islamic soldiers has taken over northern Mali:


in april of 2012 they took over in a coup, rebel soldiers with communal goals and visions of society based on Shariah law, rode through jungles and deserts set up shop banned music, destroyed churches terrorizing traveling through the streets of towns with guns posted kept watch took control. in 2013 what will it cost, who will pay the toll? revolutions lead to governments, new borders and flags, recognition by world powers the world police who couldn’t stop some planes flying into the towers french army comes to the rescue US is standing by britain is watching algeria oh my and egypt is a revolution tunisia libya still awry, syria a civil war with 50,000 dead, iran with the ayatollah stokes the fire of the israelites global governments 1948 human rights united nations cia western powers with puppet dictators in countries around the globe the middle east latin america north africa is now on display back to mali the circumstances are dire the music from this former empire with ancient cities like timbuktu i admire, it inspires


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