know your gov’t: 482 innocent civilians killed by drones since 2008

have you heard about the accusations of war crimes against the obama administration? hey americans, did you know your very own CIA was killing innocent lives for governmental experimentation? there has been a conspiracy of silence surrounding the attacks, so once you start to talk about it you better watch your back. the CIA might shut down this weblog if they really wanted to. but if they shut me down go to al jazeera, the guardian and nytimes and see if you can find the truth. washington-centric reporting giving false numbers to the public, say they only killed 60, when they’ve really killed 500. what of it? should we care that remote controlled airplanes with our country’s name on it are shooting people down, flying through the air? do we think that our tax money should be building things like this? ever considered that americanism might have a little twist?

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