israel’s secret service murders another iranian scientist

Iran has accused Israel and the US of assassinating four Iranian scientists since 2010 in order to sabotage its nuclear programme which the West suspects is hiding Iran’s attempt to develop a nuclear weapons capability,” says an article on Al Jazeera from May 15th, 2012.

While Iranian scientists work to develop nuclear energy, Israel, the United States and “the West” feel threatened by the idea. Apparently, “the West” think Iranians are building a nuclear bomb and pretending to develop nuclear energy for ecological purposes. Since everyone knows only America and its allies are allowed to have nuclear bombs, the West decided to take action!

^Iranian Nuclear facility just outside the city of Isfahan

January 12, 2010: Massoud Ali-Mohammadi is killed in January 2010 when a remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle outside his home in Tehran went off.

November 29, 2010: Majid Shahriyari, a nuclear engineer, is reportedly killed in a car bomb attack.

July 23, 2011: Darioush Rezaei, a 35-year-old physics professor involved in Iran’s nuclear program, was shot dead in front of his home in Tehran by two unidentified gunmen on motorcycles.

January 11, 2012: Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, a deputy director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, was killed when a magnetic bomb planted on his vehicle detonated.

QUESTION: is this a murder mystery science fiction novel or the daily news? 

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