social protest: what happened on 9/11?

aren’t you curious by now? it’s been over a decade since it happened. 9/11. the day america was attacked. by who? for what? why would someone want to fly a plane into the world trade centers, the global center of corporate capital and economic power? why would someone want to blow up the pentagon? why are these targets symbolic? what happened on february 27, 1933 in Berlin, Germany? what happened on september 11, 2001 in America?

what are these buildings symbolic of? who are the benefactors of this corrupted so-called “system?” who benefits from the economy, who profits from exploitation? the head honchos, the ring leaders, the crony capitalists, the top of the 1%, the richest people in the world, the people making more than 1 billion dollars a year, the top dogs? what do these skyscrapers next to wall street signify, what does the pentagon stand for? what goes on in these headquarters of world business, what’s hidden in the top-secret files, what information don’t we know about governmental corruption in the global superpower, what is driving american foreign policy, why does the american government spend 60% of its budget on the military? what happens to the world when huge buildings hold offices where workers sit behind computers and play with numbers on the internet? how does this game create social and class divisions on a global scale? how does the economy thrive on imperialism? why would it be meaningful to attack the ringleaders and writers of the rules, the owners of the capitalist casino, the fortune 500’s, the ceo’s, the big wigs, the money guys, the sorcerers of the stock market, the insurance companies, the investment bankers, the profiteers, the beneficiaries, the wealthy, the superrich, the upper class, the bilderberg group, the puppet-masters of these phony politicians who are presented to the public on television and radio sound-bytes, the multinational corporations, the top executives, the dollar bill, the exploiters, the oppressors, the richest people in the world, the most emblematic buildings of the financial district, the imperial headquarters, the most recognizable signifiers of american economic power?

are you so deeply asleep, trapped in the american dream, where money and material desires are seen as the highest signs of achievement, where whatever they sell you or tell you you believe in, where over 3,000 advertisements a day bombard you and give you false needs and products, dreams of becoming rich, glorifying materialism and consumerism through pop culture, where the music industry is controlled by corporations who dictate what type of lyrics can be played on your radio stations, with a government whose federal bureau of investigation used a counter-intelligence program to disrupt the political activities of civil rights leaders, groups and organizations, to purge the country of people they said had “communist-ties,” were revolutionaries, social-activists, freedom fighters or “threats to democracy,”that you never bothered to do some research about the loose ends and unsolved mysteries of 9/11? how did world trade center 7 fall? why were there explosions in the basement of the buildings before the planes crashed into them? why was no evidence of a plane found at the pentagon? why are some of the 19 “terrorists” alive still? why was the government conducting war games on the morning of 9/11 that simulated a plane flying into a building? why have you never asked questions about this infamous day in world history?

have you never looked beyond the history textbooks they gave you in those mandatory prisons they call schools? have you never questioned authority or the rules? why does this bureaucratic system based on crude and elitist psychology of the masses allow small groups of people to make decisions that affect the rest of the population? In our schools, our churches and our media the american dream makes it seem like the government is good. Everywhere you are taught that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. for some this is true. while the privileged few keep benefitting from the system, “america” will keep fighting wars and the news stations will keep showing us politicians appearing in front of audiences who clap when told to, talking heads in the media will keep debating over who can enunciate the pledge of allegiance in the most convincing manner, arguing over who most powerfully articulates his or her belief in liberty, freedom, democracy, justice, america, the good old days, the shining city on a hill. where the military-industrial complex drives corporate imperialists to creatively find new ways to gut the earth of natural resources and fund an oil-based economy that sells sex, hedonism, celebrity-status, overpriced commodities and clothing, mass-produced food, easter bunnies and santa clauses, holiday shopping seasons, thanksgiving day parades, award shows, red carpet ceremonies, gossip magazines and paparazzi, jewelry, luxurious cars, big houses, fancy watches, designer bags, purses, the items with celebrity endorsements that make you want to purchase, the sitcom and reality television shows, the political debates, the news stations, the newspapers, the corporate media, the networks, the commercials, the advertisements, the rappers, the bottle-popping, money-spending “mainstream hip-hop,” the talented artists turned figureheads, the actors and singers, the promiscuous models and half-naked women in ads, the logos and slogans, the jingles and patriotic songs, the flags, the red white and blue, the presidents, the wars, the military draft, the schools, the prisons, the court system and house of justice, the judges and lawyers and juries and principles we stand by, the invincible american government who rigged the 2000 election to make george bush the second “our president,” (our fuhrer? he is too stupid for that), the bureaucratic school systems with hierarchical structures, where principals and school boards are pawns for maintaining a governmental program forcing everyone to adhere to national standards, the mandatory aptitude tests and required menial tasks, the multiple choice answer options, the dates names and facts in history textbooks, the police officers, the cia, the fbi, the colleges and universities, the blind nationalism, the illusion of patriotism, the abuse of religious rhetoric, the absence of spirituality, the destruction of the environment, the oil-mining, diamond industry, rain forest removing, highway building, technologically driven modernist surge, the result and effects of industrialization, rationalization, the glorification of colonization, the rise of consumer capitalism, the public relations teams, the manipulators of mass culture, they’re selling the american democratic corporation and its president like fascist governments sold their nationalistic power-hungry dictators to uneducated masses, the legal system, the reason you pay your taxes, the nation with over 1,000 military bases across the atlas, the briefcases, dollar bills, suits ties and servants, the constitution that originally justified the use of slaves, the declaration of independence that declares the right to revolution, the capitol city with its national monuments replicating classical architecture from past global empires and worldpowers, the columns and Georgian triangles you see in front of governmental buildings, schools and courthouses, the right to vote, the voting booths and ballot boxes, the corporately funded and privately picked representatives of the people, the stock market, the creation of false desires, the trends, the boom and bust cycles, the need to expand and increase profits, the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan, the economic collapse, the economic recession, unemployment rates, public opinion based on polls, and flag poles, military spending and student loan debt, the acceptance speeches and award ceremonies, the sensationalism of doctrinal platitudes, the socialization, the propaganda, the correctness of politics, the option of picking your ruler from one of two names on a piece of paper and walking away thinking you are exercising your right to be a politically active citizen, the democrats, the republicans, the conservatives and neoliberals, the right and the left, the bi-partisan policy debates, the congress, the economy, the protocols of politics, the manufactured consent of the masses, the society, the accusations of socialist tendencies, the anti-communist purges, the false flag operations, the reichstag fire and terrorist attack on the parliamentary building, the attack on the pentagon, the homeland security act, the reichstag fire decree, the war on terror, the attack on the twin towers. Are you not wondering: what happened on 9/11?

^the pentagon burning on september 11, 2001 in washington d.c.

^the parliament building burning on february 27, 1933 in berlin, germany

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