how to make a video go viral

How to Make a Video go Viral

As we are often told there is no such thing as a viral video.

There is however a plan to make a video go viral.  And it does not take an experienced video team or in-depth technical knowledge. All it takes is the right time and the right place.

Step One:

You do need a network of people with some measure of influence that you can tap into to give the video an initial push. You need to give it some traction. This is not something that can be done overnight.  You should be developing your social network anyway, because it’s the smart thing to do. Social media is bigger than politics. It’s the new government- the new mass media, the revolution.

Check the link:

A short film by Gordon Fischer. On Monday, March 26th, 2012, over 320+ students from 14 different states requested a meeting with Albert Lord, the CEO of Sallie Mae. They wanted to negotiate and discuss student loan debt, which in America is now over 1 trillion dollars. Sallie Mae refused to meet and instead called the police, who promptly arrived and arrested 36 students. When I was walking by 7th St on Pennsylvania Avenue I heard chanting and sirens and knew I should be filming whatever was happening. This short film is the result.

Step Two

You need a video that will attract attention and interest.  That’s not likely to be a standard corporate video.  It has to be something outside the status quo. Something that  that challenges conventions, something that is relevant to the times. Something that people will remember.

Citation added:
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