searching for peace from maine to new york to washington d.c.

searching for what?

ARTiculating memories, recalling mental images, embedding energy now connecting with rhymes. i saw the magnetic fields pulling me and my earth towards you, a star, a massive ball of hydrogen and helium in the center of “our” solar system. you, the light in the sky, the great disk of fire, you whose presence causes day, whose absence causes night, you, the all pervasive, eternal and most sacred, you who live forever, infinitely shining, planetary aligning and lighting the sky, the mind and the eye, you who will never die.

the sun was setting and rising, creating the illusion of time.

i was studying ancient knowledge written in the past krishnamurti told me that truth has no path.

but i sat riding on the train and the train was on a track, on the train of thought         know that nothing ever lasts. i was on the way to the nation’s capitol: washington d.c.

leaving the city called n.y.c.

a few days earlier i was on a mountain in maine, i wondered what my answer is when they ask me what’s your name? i don’t know what to say. where i’m from, who i am, how to say i know the way, i just try to show you quickly that we don’t have time to waste we have time to create, to build, expand the knowledge that floods through the gates when we expand our capacity in the ways we can relate, innovate, communicate, straight like the arrow of archers shooting stars we are moving farther /speaking through the bars. /

was heading to washington d.c. for a conference on peace, at a gigantic convention center i heard about the middle east, heard about israelis and palestinians from people behind podiums giving political speeches, preaching pathetic platitudes with shallow recycled attitudes, stereotypical stories and theories without any depth, restating the obvious, proclaiming the unanimous belief: the ultimate goal is to reach a state of peace.

but then i met stav shaiffir and yonatan levi, the leaders of the israeli social movement. they were speaking of peaceful revolution and had the experience to prove it. just do it. the world is changing rapidly and you are changing too. so the question is: are you changing the world or is the world changing you?

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