knowledge of self

human beings are Nature become conscious of it’s Self. (by itself)

“When you are art gone forth wholly from the creature [human], and have become nothing to all that is nature and creature, then you are in that eternal One, which is God himself, and then you will perceive and feel the highest virtue of love. whoever findes it finds nothing and all things, the alpha and the omega; that is also true, for he finds a supernatural, supersensual Abyss, which is that truly divine self-realization, but a man cannot express or utter what this is with words.

But that I lastly said, he that finds it, finds all things, is also true; it has been since the beginning of all things, and it rules all things. If you find it, you come into that ground from whence all things proceed, and wherein they subsist, and you are in it a king over all the works of God.”

[The Way to Christ, 1623] Jakob Bohme, a German mystic and theologian in the Lutheran school.


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