adam & eve

His name is Adam. Her name is Eve. He carried with him a curiosity for all that was new and unknown. She, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The vivacious anguish of aging. Adam, before he ate from the Tree of Life with Eve. She carried the life force with her, the seductive Nature of a cycle in which birth death and reincarnation are one eternal event. God gave them both a voice, they each spoke of I when referring to themselves. Their eyes carry the reflection of the Spring of Forever, the Gardens of Eden were always in bloom. They carried the sun’s light, at night, they carry the moon. They carry the three forces of the universe, positive, negative neutral. They are the essence of living, existing as a transitory figment of their human imagination. I write their fate. God is another character. He too is created by me, the narrator, who is the fourth character. All characters have not yet realized the illusion of separateness, unbeknownst to Adam and Eve is that we are all linked in the uncharted dimensions of the self, the universe. And none of them can explain this in words. They began as nothing, as the potential of a blank page. They were created. By me, I connect with them because they were born out of my influences. Things will never be the same. Nothing stays the same.

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