peak oil crisis: coming soon to a world near you

while commercials on tv are encouraging you to buy and consume, the oil crisis on the planet continues to loom, forecasting an inevitable doom. look out for the oil crisis, the peak is coming soon! 

what you don’t know: oil is a limited resource. it is a non-renewable energy source. what does this mean? it is not being grown, harvested or produced. it is being mined. it is the outcome of millions of years of geological history. OIL IS RUNNING OUT! scientists, biologists, chemists, physicists, sociologists, whatever label you wanna give yourself, this is a call to you. collaborate! put your minds together and start to help the world, the solution is not to create cars that consume less oil. the solution is building a new society that doesn’t depend on oil to fuel it’s economy! war must end. it is a waste of money, manpower, brainpower and time. the united states has spent 800 billion dollars on the war in iraq and 500 billion in afghanistan. they use oil to build war machines, weapons, fighter planes, guns and tanks. they use oil to ship the machines across the world, they use oil to fuel the machines. they use the demand for oil as a reason to go to war! (yet they tell the public the war is on terror). this is all military spending (which is 59% of federal spending per year, compared to 2% spending for “energy” and 4% for “education”). politicians have a responsibility to make the public aware of these environmental crises. instead, they are worried about getting elected or re-elected. it’s time for the public to realize how, in this lifetime, everyone will be effected. wake up! imagining a new world is possible…and very necessary.


-humans use 80 million barrels of oil a day.

-the US uses 25% of the world’s oil, while it has only 2% of the world’s oil reserves.

-worldwide demand for oil: 25-30 billion barrels a year.

-98% of transportation energy comes from oil.

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