remembering revolutions: tiananmen square

beijing, china, 1989…

april 1989…half a million students gather to protest against the oppressive nature of the chinese government…based in tiananmen square, beijing, the largest public space in the world…demonstrations to encourage continued economic reform and liberalization…evolved into a mass movement for political reform…members of the state council and other branches of the government itself show up to support the protests, hoping the more powerful sections of government can respond to the demand for meaningful dialogue…electric atmosphere…students singing, bands playing, banners waving…protests go on until government becomes agitated…june 4 send in people’s liberation army (ironic name) and military force to break up the demonstrations…tanks, guns, tear gas and killing…no one knows for sure how many people died, some say hundreds some say thousands…government banned foreign press from the country, strictly controlled domestic coverage…as tanks leave square, a man walks into the road and stands in front of the tank…footage caught becomes immortalized in human collective consciousness, an image of revolutionary action, people vs. the state, civilian vs. the military.

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