tahrir square & the egyptian revolution


across the river nile:

the center for the uprising in egypt: tahrir square in cairo. located across the river nile from the pyramids of giza. muslims, egyptians, arabs and middle easterns. whatever label you provide doesn’t matter when you look into the eyes of a rebel group of fighters who are fighting for their lives. (human empathy is an emotion you can’t hide) ask yourself why people would protest til they die, what could possibly give a group of people that inner drive? the arab spring has started something that the government can’t hide, people are turning into protestors, earning labels making news, all around the world people watching what you do: battling riot cops with tear gas who fear mass awakenings, inhumane soldiers catering to dictatorships and contributing to corruption, corporations rule the governments and now they can’t function.

consider what inspires an initial call for action, the revolutionaries and visionaries are called by gods and goddesses to wake the masses, artistic types make posters spreading news with visual media, flood the streets with images to create a buzz of conversation, soon people are questioning their duty as a member of their nation, and when the day arrives many people all conspire, having been inspired after realizing that they too have a say in the way this all goes down. soon a square is occupied and then you hear the sound: chanting and drumming, feet marching people running, riot cops show up and now we have something: media coverage, the news stations (who are corrupted) are forced to show the world what is going on: the revolution has started and someone is singing the song from the grave, but somebody tell gil scott that it was televised today:

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