november 17th: #OWS day of action

see the light? it symbolizes knowledge,                                                                     which is more powerful than wall street could ever be. 

today, november 17th, (happy birthday mom!) marks the 2 month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. thank you to adbusters magazine for inciting the initial occupation of zuccotti park, re-named liberty park, which is one block from wall street. thank you to everyone who has occupied a space around the united states and the world, in any one of the 1,000+ cities or 100+ countries. as we continue our evolution through space and time on this planet that spins around a sun, the future is in our hands, in our minds, available for us to create. i urge you to become aware of the terminology you use when speaking about the occupy movement. do you consider “the protestors” to be a group of people? if yes, you are wrong to do so. the movement is not a group of people, it is an idea that is spreading.

remember what i told you in july, this is a (r)evolution that was never born but will never die. as long as the earth keeps revolving around the sun…(think about it!)



notes from november 17th, 2011:

-35,000 take streets in NYC, several avenues are shut down.

-Over 400 arrests.

-Tens of thousands march over Brooklyn Bridge.

-The media are not sure how to cover this phenomenon. be thankful i do it for you:

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