for updates on the revolution: check the news

what’s next for america? i went to the newspapers and magazines for answers. (to see what people are talking about, not to be told how to think or what to think)

what i found when browsing the shelves of the library is that every major magazine, including newsweek, times, the economist, times like these, foreign policy and countless others all have articles on the arab spring and the occupy wall street movement. every major newspaper, including the new york times, the boston globe, the washington post, the final call and countless others are covering the movement daily. many writers have seized on the growing fervor of the movement, offering their ideas and support or their criticism and complaints. whatever happens from here is up to us, but for now we know that the occupy movement has changed the course of american history. in the future when students in school will learn how to interpret contemporary events instead of memorizing arbitrary random “facts” from the depths of history, the occupy movement will be seen as the catalyst for a revolution that changed the way we communicate, that broke the barriers set up by academic conventions that taught us not to be politically critical or active. it shattered the boundaries created by authoritarian school systems that preach obedience and conformity to the media and government. no longer are scholarly elitists the only people talking about contemporary social problems. we are all responsible for creating our future! 

this is an article that sums up what i have just told you:

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