photos from occupy oakland

there is a phenomenal (and quite gorgeous) international reporter i met recently who is stationed out in oakland, living and working admirably just blocks from the midst of the revolutionary fervor and occupy oakland headquarters. tonight, after the occupy oakland general strike successfully shut down the port of oakland (the fourth largest port in america), i was fortunate enough to speak with this reporter about the occupy wall street movement and its implications for the future of america and the world.

as a representative from the new york city camp i feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the movement. i see it as a completely new type of protest, a grassroots social movement spreading like wildfire that is driven by social media in the twenty-first century. the movement is a natural phase in our evolution- a growing awareness among human beings as we create our future and enter a new age of humankind and universal consciousness. the demonstrations in nearly 1,000 cities and 82 countries around the world within the last month are loud examples of how real this global awakening is. in an age where information and communication based technology has made up to date news coverage from around the world available to anyone with access to a computer, people are connecting with each other across borders in ways unseen or heard of before at any time in human history. and as we keep evolving it is only getting easier and more efficient to share pictures, videos, ideas and information with anyone; it is as if geographical boundaries have been erased. now that people are realizing the potential power in social media we are creating our own news instead of allowing the corporate media dictate what is important. we are no longer blind sheep accepting the propaganda that “the powers that be” have force fed to us for so long. we are making the news, recapturing public opinion. and in doing so we are creating new systems, new communities, new ways of relating to each other. as i have said since before the occupy movement began, the revolution is happening whether you feel you are involved or not. you have only to make yourself aware and ask yourself, what is my role?

in exchange for the interview this wonderful reporter kindly sent pictures from the oakland general strike today. what an amazing gift! she surely will be thanked well for this. 😉

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