know your history: black power

black power. apparently stokely carmichael said it first. what do you know about the legacy of the revolution? (i hope not just what they have taught you in schools). question: what is america teaching about the black power movement that stemmed from the civil rights movement? the new york times said a recent poll showed that the 60’s & 70’s are hardly covered in american history classes any more because high school teachers don’t think it is an important section of the AP test. this is why high school seniors are graduating with a 12% proficiency rating in their knowledge of history. when schools are not adequately teaching you the story of your own country it becomes necessary to seek and learn for yourself.

“we’re making a revolution by educating the people.”  huey p. newton, bobby seale, eldridge cleaver and other leaders of the black panthers knew that the only way to create a movement was to teach history from the perspective of people overcoming oppression. they knew for damn sure that the schools weren’t doing it.

it is 2011 now. what has changed? 

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