radio show: KRS-ONE




what? y’all forgot about the radio show?


Every Sunday Night from 8-10pm on


is RE:Birth of the Cool Radio broadcasting live from Waterville Maine to the world. It’s been a minute but we’re back and ready to rock you, educate you, teach you, liberate you, free you and See you.


Tonight is a special dedication show to begin the 2011-2012 season. To introduce Hip Hop properly I’ve got over 50 KRS-ONE songs, interviews and prophecies lined up, ordered and ready to bump. For those who don’t know KRS, tune in and be educated by one of the founders of hiphop culture. A native of the Birthplace of Hip Hop, The South Bronx, KRS speaks of health, wealth, awareness of Self. He is a philosopher, MC, hiphoppa, spiritual teacher and musical leader. His lyrics speak directly to the mind of the attuned ear. 


Songs Featured:

The MC

-Gunnin Em Down

-Sound of the Police

-Hip Hop Vs. Rap

-You Must Learn

-The Movement

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  1. wilton says:

    wah dah dah dang, wah dah dah dah dang

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