what is anarchism?

before you use a word you should understand what it means. when did the term first appear in writing? was it always an english word or was it translated? who are famous “anarchists?” who are the anarchist writers? what countries are they from? what were the social circumstances that influenced the rise of anarchism in europe in the nineteenth century? in america in the twentieth century? in spain, france and mexico?what famous works define the anarchist vision? what have anarchist movements consisted of? why are conservatives scared of anarchism? why does the A in the circle appear all over the world on sidewalks, buildings, subway trains and other public surfaces? what do anarchists do? what is anarchist ART?

the videos are selected carefully. if you haven’t figured out by now, every picture, word and video on this “website” contributes to the overall story i am trying to tell.

“history will be kind to me, for i intend to write it.” -WC

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