occupy wall street: revolution in NYC!

^photo taken in the mission district of san francisco, california. summer 2011.

after reading the new york times section A i wrote the last post, “america ignoring the global revolution.” that post is a call to all those who have not woken up to the very real revolution that is spreading to the whole world as people wake up to the fraud, corruption and criminality of the corporate business elite. it is time you began your self-education and started reading books that weren’t assigned, watching youtube clips and documentaries and having real conversations about contemporary news:

the global revolution is happening RIGHT NOW: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Yemen, India. in 2011 alone every one of those countries has seen or is currently going through a period of peaceful protests, civil unrest, military intervention and social upheaval.

to all the hundreds of activists in the Wall Street area of NYC right now, i am praying for you and sending hope, truth and guidance.

occupy wall street: the beginning of the people’s revolution in america!

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