america ignoring the global revolution

global news: millions of activists are awakening politically around the world…enraged, disillusioned, disaffected with the corrupt group of wealthy business people who run the governments and control the distribution of wealth. people have realized this: politicians have destroyed the economy! growing income inequality, high unemployment rates and recession-driven cuts on social spending. these are all trends produced by the corrupt and short-sighted mindset of global capitalists who care more about personal profit than true human equality. people in spain are saying “voting is worthless.” youth in israel say that “only an assault on the system can bring about real change. corruption is ruling our country.” a movement in india has started with hundreds of thousands protesting, demanding an anti-corruption committee be created in the government. the youth are organizing, creating their own political space that shares in a common mindset: governments have abandoned their citizens, the system in place is inadequate and vile. from democracies to dictatorships, everything is collapsing. people have nothing to lose, no future to risk. no food to eat, no education…

american news: our students are not being taught a truthful version of american history. state educational standards virtually ignore the civil rights movement. over the past decade, students have done worse on federal history tests administered by the department of education than on tests in any other subject. on the history test last year, only 12% of high school seniors showed proficiency. in the traditional chronological presentation of united states history, teachers run out of time to cover post WW2 America. the legacy, the unfinished work and the 1960’s movements driven by citizen involvement in politics is all but ignored, not covered because it is not likely to be on the AP test…

why don’t they teach us in schools how to fight for democracy?

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