political platitudes

let us examine some of the platitudes we heard tonight in the republican debate:

“i believe in america. i believe in freedom. i love this country. i believe in the principles that make this country the hope of the earth.” -mitt romney. what is america? (define it please). what is freedom? (define it please). what is this country? who is this country made up of? is it just white people? is it just rich people? are illegal immigrants part of this country? are illegal immigrants part of the economy that runs this country? what are those principles that make this country the hope of the earth?

“get the federal government out of education.” -this seems to be a general point of agreement for the republican candidates. i am curious as to why they take this viewpoint, what ideologies or models they propose for state governments, what their thoughts are on the history of education in america, and also their response to this question:

how is education a tool to institutionalize the masses of citizens in a country? 

“i will uphold the sovereignty of america by building a fence along the southern border.” -michelle bachman on illegal immigration. (note: the definition of sovereignty is supreme power or authority) consider bachman’s statement in comparison to the ideological foundation of america as stated in the declaration of independence: that all men are created equal. if bachman says “we don’t want illegal aliens in america. as president of the united states i would not give them aid or help,” is she being “american”? what does being “american” mean? whose side are you on? the wealthy, the middle class, the pawns of capitalism, or the people from around the world who come to america in search of the american dream of equal opportunity for all? the poor, the working class? whose voice have you listened to? 

“the solution is making sure we ensure success.” -rick santorum. the issue at hand does not matter in this one, please do not clap or cheer or feel hope for america when a politician says something as utterly meaningless as this statement. 

“we fight wars to win, not for politics.”– rick santorum on the war in afghanistan. i question you, rick, what does this mean? what is/are politics? who is fighting the wars? who wins the wars? why have we been at war for so long and with so many people? why do we kill innocent civilians in governmental missions to “restore democracy?”

“ronald reagan said that america is the shining city on the hill, well we have slid down that hill.” -herman cain, in response to the question “how will you turn this economy around?” this cute metaphor calling america a shining city on a hill has figurative glamor and surface appeal but offers no tangible solutions or trace of any Truth whatsoever. 

“we need a leader to tell the truth and be patriotic” -mitt romney. that sounds like a good idea, mitt. 

“nothing will turn america around like election night in 2012 when obama loses decisively.” -newt gingrich, in response to the question “how will you turn this economy around?” newt, i repeat the question: how will you turn the economy around? do you really think campaigning on the notion that america should get rid of president obama is the most effective way to fix the economy? i am struggling to understand how your answer here has any merit or sense behind it. 

“we have a president who doesn’t know what america is all about.” -rick santorum, who followed this by saying that obama was the new king george III. apparently president obama doesn’t know that america should stand for “freedom.” who knows more about “freedom?” rick santorum or barack obama? 


[plat-i-tood, -tyood] noun


a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if itwere fresh or profound.

the quality or state of being flat, dull, or trite: the platitude of most political oratory.
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