your homework

A Lesson on Learning. 

piece in review: concrete jungle


step 1. click “play” on the youtube video.

step 2. watch the opening thirty seconds of the video. is the song a good song? (both sonically and aesthetically pleasing and/or rhythmically propelled) is it one that i may want to listen to, to gain musical and/or social knowledge? what are the lyrics of the song? when was the video taken? what do the lyrics say about the social events and political relations at the time the song was recorded?

step 3. examine each picture for at least 5 seconds. scan the whole image, macroscopically and microscopically. Look for words, (what does the graffiti say?) look for angles, composition and for symbolic references. *keep in mind that some photos will be made more provocative when juxtaposed with the other ones in the post. 

-write a brief, tightly constructed poem or response to the entire piece…some (but not all) of what you should consider: the title of the entry, the video, the song itself, the photos as individual pictures and the photos as a collection, arranged in a certain, intentional way.

**many of the lessons here can be applied in other ways, in other spheres of your life.

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