have you heard the word? we’re headed to the haight. san francisco renaissance, beat poets blossoms beads bells. psychedelic art: knowledge of ourselves, escape from modernity find heaven here on hell. ginsberg bob dylan jimi hendrix janis joplin bob weir. phil lesh jerry garcia crosby stills grow out your hair. nash young sing along, we only live once. die twice rebirth, we curse convention. hallucinogenic influences, art culture, lifestyle. good trip bad trip up trip down trip. round trip no need- stay here, be free. california 1960’s: movement started, called the hippies. turn on, tune in drop out. human be-in living now dance sing and shout. grace slick airplane jefferson landing home. if you want me to stay, i’ll be around today, sly and the family stone. john lennon and the beatles, everywhere are lonely people searching for the truth. 50’s over cold war civil rights restless youth. rock n’ roll jazz soul funk music rituals from the east. alan watts ken kesey keruoac counterculture peace. protests against the war, we don’t trust the government. education we resent it, experience is real. experiences feel unparalleled to what they try to teach. incomparable to the lessons that we learned out on the streets. time machine i was back in the haight for a day. found that the rules to this life bend once you learn how to play.

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  1. mewithmycamera says:

    great photos

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