street art & the revolution

observing the graffiti prevalent on building walls and other public surfaces he realized that acts of vandalism served as paradoxically loud testaments to the silently linguistic temporal mobility humans have. if you can See, a city instantly becomes a brash, current and public political art gallery as the signs of the streets begin to reveal themselves and the city suddenly becomes filled with artistic interpretations of human expression, from exaltation to frustration. is it the universe as a whole or the act of one individual that enables humans to leave cryptic codes on crumbling walls and ethereal spaces, coalescing with and through time, exemplifying the ardent voice of the voiceless who communicate in both visual and verbal imagery, vividly moving yet sonically mute? everywhere you want to notice them are examples of man’s rash, crude attempts at communication with its future contemporaries. Unheard sardonic shouts of satiric symbolism, desperately painted pleas cast (effectively in vain) to warn and inspire their future selves and ancestors with quietly forceful, subtly loud apocolyptic predictions and portrayals of human experience, suffering.

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