RE:Birth of the Cool

What is the RE:Birth of the Cool?

The rebirth is the revival, it is the renaissance. it is the return of classical influences, the ancient revolution of the (one) interconnected Mind Body Soul and the Spirit. it is humanity studying itself. it is the art of conversation, for those who listen to the lyrics. it is an age old movement disguised as a new age philosophy, a modern day retelling of plato’s socrates, a utopian government free from hypocrisy. the rebirth is the people reclaiming ourselves. the rebirth quenches your thirst for knowledge from the well in the gardens of eternal wisdom. the cool is the cigar smoked by che guevara and fidel castro. the cool is huey p newton, martin luther king and angela davis’ afro. the cool is malcolm x fred hampton and assata shakur plus stokely carmichael and gil scott heron. the birth of the cool was miles davis, the recording sessions of 1949 and 1950 released in 1957. the birth of cool jazz. the beginning of the shift from a civil rights movement to a human rights movement. america to africa, africa to america to the world. a global awakening. the cool is bob marley john lennon and fela kuti, plus black thought talib kweli and mos def. the definition. cannot be emphasized, the revolution will not be televised, the revelation still isn’t memorized, the crowd will be mesmerized. the power to energize. that is the cool.

the song that inspired the RE:

the album that inspired the rest:

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