freedom of speech: wake up!

managing america they manipulate reality/ the corporate oligarchy are controlling your mentality / surrounding me I seem to see a world of hypocrisy, our democracy a blinding disillusionment and disappointing mask, a veil covering a system that’s designed to rule the mass/ bureaucracy promoting politicians merely puppets in the mission to prolong this prohibition of our right to seek the truth/ to accept present conditions is an ignorant position when the circumstance you live in was created by a system made to make you blind/ wake up and pull the dusty curtains, open up your mind/ to the window of the soul may your whole vision unwind and dig deeper into depths of stories told of humankind where the alchemists make atoms and the physicists move time, where the scientists are cloning and the animals are primed to be raised fat and eaten at the places we all dine/ and the way rap is treated brought a fire to my mind, I wondered why our words had such a power when they rhyme/ uncovered other beings who had understood divine, wisdom in the written word is a power that is mine.

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1 Response to freedom of speech: wake up!

  1. dsizzle says:

    Straight knowledge.

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