music is the weapon

video footage bringing boundless possibilities, we recreate history through careful synthesis of interview clips and captured recordings. music is the weapon and the weapon is the future. read about your history our history is one, the human population will remain forever young. the fountain of youth cycles showers waterfalls empowering an endless generation who eternally stay thirsty for complete emancipation. relentless and impatient are the youth around the globe, complacent- can’t remain it when the earth is not a home. an urgent situation is occurring everywhere and all at once, we sense divine arrival we just don’t know what it was- or what it is. but look inside yourself and try to answer to your kids, scale backwards gaining real wealth through learning how to live-or how to die. i look a phony politician directly in the eye and ask it why the government continually lies, why corruption and brutality conspicuously hide behind abduction of morality and hideousness i begin to wonder what the answer to that posed question just might be, so i juxtapose the essence of our world like spike lee and realize our moral duty to incite humanity. insanity the answer we receive from those in charge, the politician didn’t hear me so i decided to move on. to the people can you hear me? our president is black. the youth are soon the army, we ready to attack, it’s the movement of the people, fela kuti on the sax.

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