seun kuti: brooklyn, new york

to all those who know the spiritually and politically charged afrobeat rhythmic music of fela kuti, god bless you. to those who don’t, i suggest you watch the documentary on his life to learn about the legendary african musician and human rights activist that some call the nigerian bob marley. famous for the phrase “music is the weapon,” fela kuti fought with his saxophone, vocals, xylophone and band against the abuses of cultural imperialism and colonial mentality that invade african nations with the imperialistic visions of many european beaurocracies. tonight in prospect park i was blessed to see seun kuti, fela’s son and spirit embodied in the flesh, performing with his band egypt 80, the same band (many bandmembers included) who fela himself toured with. as with the music of vieux farka toure, the son of malian blues guitarist ali farka toure, it is evident through seun’s music, stage presence and aura of divinity that he has not only learned from his father but taken his father’s vision and legacy into a new direction and planted, cultivated and watched his own movement grow. i thank the leaders of the endless human movement for dedicating their lives to global ethics and who, through their music, promote the struggle against authority for global moral improvement.

the anthem of the night:

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