history is now.

a message to the blinded bourgeoisie:

this goes out to you, if money is all you see.

in the words of a rebel, “do you not understand that history– today a convenient mythology regarding the greatness of kings, of notable personalities, of parliaments, all together a botched, one-sided and small-minded story written by elitist, racist, illusory supremacists whose capitalistic perversions created colonialism and a socioeconomic division within the land of the free and the home of the slave that has for years prevented the growth of our human species from fully coming to fruition and blooming– is something that must be entirely recast from the popular point of view as a multitude of collective human experiences, from the viewpoint of the work accomplished by the masses in the phases of revolution against their contemporarily corruptly driven governments whose motives, morals and values are rooted in preserving their members political dominion over the populations they seek control over.                                                                                                                                   history is now: we are writing it into existence every day

the monster of youth will soon awake from its underground slumber:

word to the youth: you would be very depraved and vicious never to have dreamed of one day applying your intelligence, your capacities and your knowledge to help in the liberation of those who still swarm in poverty and ignorance. education is the key to knowledge is the light.

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