i’m confused

many of the leading physicists in the world will tell you that there was a time when time did not exist. they will say that 13.7 billion years ago, the universe was suddenly created, it suddenly appeared, suddenly existed. it was smaller than an atom and extremely hot and began expanding at an alarming rate. the idea of time not existing raises many questions. what is time anyways? no one knows how to explain it in words because it is a completely paradoxical idea. it goes beyond the immediate relevancy of asking “what time is it?” because the clock you read now shows a different time from someone’s clock in another time zone. our clocks are only pragmatic inventions for organizing the masses based on the discovery of a system of measurement for the axial rotation of the earth that could be coordinated with our working and established annual calendric revolution around the sun. the idea of time goes beyond clocks. there was a time when clocks did not exist yet. there was a time when people kept track of time without clocks. how did our understanding of time change with the invention of clocks? with the invention of a calendar? when was our calendar invented? * These are just some of the questions we must ask ourselves if we want to understand our conscious minds. remember, human beings are nature become conscious of itself. as we learn more about the development of human thought throughout recorded history we can begin to make sense of the idea that our evolution has directly coincided with our ability to better articulate the most puzzling questions about the universe that we are part of.

* answer: the internationally accepted civil calendar that says today is “sunday, july 17, 2011” is also known as the western calendar, the christian calendar and the gregorian calendar. it was introduced by pope gregory XIII in 1582 AD as a modification to the julian calendar which was designed in 45 BC as a modification to the roman calendar which was supposedly invented by romulus, a co-founder of rome, in the year 753 BC. i wonder what “years” were called before christ was born? on the buddha’s birth certificate it certainly didn’t say “5,000 BC”

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  1. dsizzle says:

    Isn’t there something to be said for “convention,” though? Obviously all conventions are replaced and modified, and their origins are not always agreeable or even logical, but we wouldn’t function very well in our day to day lives if we didn’t all know what “2:00 PM” meant. I think what’s important is that we understand that “2:00 PM” is ONLY a convention and not something to understand the world by. Like you said, they’re only pragmatic inventions and they cannot really explain the impact or concept of time outside of a forward dimension.

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