brooklyn hip-hop festival

my thoughts: hip-hop culture is growing as it becomes more defined. someone said today that hip-hop started in The Bronx but it was Brooklyn who refined it and brought it to the world. i went down by DUMBO and took pictures of the 7th annual brooklyn hip-hop festival. i watched concerts and saw graffiti contests and photo galleries with t-shirts cds and dvds being sold and realized that i have a role to play in the hip-hop movement. (we all do). for me it’s all about the youth and education improvement so i see hip-hop as a tool for helping to promote creative self-expression in our schools. how can you argue with that?

“hip-hop is the voice of oppressed creativity.” -krs-one

“nature traps the genius and piques to the utmost the desire to free himself.” -nietzsche

annual festivals all over the country are growing in popularity and numbers, the original hip-hoppers who defined the genre and the culture are still going strong, evolving with the times and keeping the young fans true to the roots. what is next for hip-hop?

spread love it’s the brooklyn way

mos def:

talib kweli:

kendrick lamar:

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