the key is education, my gods. the key is education reform. since no one else will take up the gauntlet i have made it my duty to articulate our urgent situation and make my voice heard in as many different mediums as possible. i am only 20 now so i figure that in 80 years of focused work i will be able to spread the message to the whole globe. then i can die peacefully on my centennial birthday, hoping that i have worked tirelessly enough to help steer humanity in the right direction. the bodies we have all die anyways. what else could i possibly hope to get out of my one wild and precious life in this physical existence god has given me now? and that word god is a tricky one i know. i use it differently than you would.

to the generations of the future: i work for you, seeing as my contemporaries do not heed the message and many of them don’t take my words as seriously as they should.

A warning from the year 2011 AD:

due to lack of funding from the government- which could be characterized as an odd and (certainly at times) mysterious group of uncomfortably comfortable people who are (un?)knowingly working for a hierarchy within their (somewhat) secret society and whose continual efforts toward sending its citizens to war baffles and/or frustrates any reasonable onlooker- our nation is lost, confused and largely unaware of its own ignorance. for many reasons that cannot together be extrapolated in a single effort, our education system is not our biggest national priority. no, instead of preserving our existence through teaching and learning from each other, we choose to fight wars and kill each other. my goal is to steadily work toward a reform of our education system so we are no longer being taught white lies and instead can learn how to make inferences and conclusions for ourselves.

why don’t our teachers or professors tell us to change the world? shout out to mr. moro (CHRHS), margaret mcfadden (colby) and elissa schappell (NYU), the only ones who did. to all the rest: you have a lot to learn about the human condition. please watch the video and listen to the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!! i know most of you never do so i always have to ask.

does this picture begin to make more sense in this context? (more on this later. in the meantime, take a look at the last 6 pictures in the post entitled g&j: manhattan to brooklyn and see if you can pick up on the not so subtle prophetic message i encrypted)

perhaps we are all more brilliant than anyone ever gave us credit for. . .

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