murder on madison

there was a shooting today. I was in school teaching my kids only one block away. i wondered if it was coincidental that last night i had chosen this video to play:

upon reflecting on the scenario and the topic of the piece, i told my kids to write about people’s crimes against world peace. about why our education system is a problem and not a release. about why they see their friends give up on school and turn to the streets. i told them our schools are fucked up and that’s why i teach.

Excerpts from student work:

Living in a world where love is hard to find.

Only 50% of students graduate from high school, why? 

I live for today, I plan for tomorrow. The future’s in my hands, and not filled with sorrow. Live my life to the fullest extent. And at the end of the day I’ll know it was the best time spent. Today is the day to let the music play. I live for today and I’ll dance and play. 

The education system is chaos. I feel like I can go above and beyond, but I don’t understand why they won’t let us move on. 

I can’t walk in the park because these niggas shoot people even in the dark. they need to stop, even if you are on pot. and if you can’t do that you can choke on a cat. 

photo taken from the stoop of my school:

there was a shooting today.

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