urban juke joint

thank you to the performers and the people at the urban juke joint tonight. words exchanged, philosophies discussed. consciousness expanded, in confidence we trust. each other, to my sisters and my brothers, peace and much love (thinking of my distant lover)

The goal is to promote the arts. Education is where it starts.

The incentive is simple, really.

Implement a plan to infiltrate the system

Shine light for the youth

Bringing artists in to speak

Once you gain the knowledge

You have earned the right to teach

From college I have learned

Many things. Came to the conclusion that

It all comes back to you

Meaning you get what you get

By questioning the truth

Why can I trace a path backwards

As I look through my life

Momentary glimpes of the paradox of time

Confuse myself til I connect it all with rhyme

Unaffected by your slime

I can resurrect your mind

As a story-teller living in a never-ending time

My universal flow shows the universe is time

But time keeps on flowing and the universe is mine

It’s all that I know

You are universe too,

So we grow

My people we grow on together

You and me will never die we live on forever

With that said I think my work here is done

on the A train to brooklyn so I am forever young

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