don’t let it bring you down

You’ve found yourself on a journey of self-discovery (of course, that doesn’t mean you have found your Self) yet you are far from reaching the ending or the beginning. Song by song your awareness of the world around you grows, each track being a black hole- a gateway for those who listen with their eyes. for eyes are like portals, doorways from here to distant skies.

Neil Young.

Blind man running
through the light
of the night
With an answer in his hand,
Come on down
to the river of sight
And you can really understand

Replay certain songs over and over and over just to try to hold on this slowly foreboding omen of mortal existence, syncopated transmissions of eternally imprisoned desire, don’t look over your shoulder. what’s the devil when death can’t be conquered (even when i write bolder)? moving mountains made of metaphors over many hills you trudged, looking for the answers to the deepest human questions at the top of the world you sat, peering into our existence.

Lauryn Hill covers Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings of You”


the Love of all mankind should reflect some sign

of the words i’m trying to recite

they’re close but not quite

almost impossible to do

describing the makings of you

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