overthrow : prove::drive to frenzy : persuade

Thus spoke Zarathustra: Around the inventors of new values the world revolves. I responded by asking if inventors must therefore revolt. Zarathustra told me that the strongest spirits have so far advanced humanity the most- they have always reawakened the sense of comparison, of contradiction, joy in the new, the daring and the untried. They have overthrown boundary stones and brought up sacred rhymes from ancient mines of wisdom and bore fruit with them. Zarathustra said he did not believe the state when it said “I am the state, I am the people,” and he also said that everything about the state is a lie; it is by invisible hands that we are bent and tortured worst. You are not yet free- Zarathustra said, you still search for freedom. You aspire to free heights, your soul bursts for the stars. But thought is one thing and deed is another. The wheel of causality does not roll between them. I pondered this philosophy for a moment before questioning Zarathustra yet again, this time wondering why our existence has no meaning, why the artists continually search for new expression. Zarathustra told me that the time has come for man to set himself a goal and plant the seed of his highest hope. I began to think of how to articulate my goal of highest hopes but was frozen as Zarathustra stared at me, unblinkingly, holding his golden staff with the serpent coiled around the sun. I searched my mind frantically for words but found no sonic images of nervous stimuli besides this one question: Is language the most adequate expression of all realities?

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