true or false:

in the 60’s, the youth rebelled against a society that saw soldiers killed fighting for a cause they didn’t believe in. today we kill our minds cause we don’t fight for anything.

human beings are aware of their potential


the schools educate us to open ourselves and discover our inherent and ancient curiosity in the river of infinitely diverse pathways to knowledge, stimulating the flow of creativity amongst the human race and are actively searching, as a unified community of learners, truth seekers and rebels, for answers to the riddles of the human condition.

characters in narratives can aid in the exposition of metafiction, as if to (h)


light the hidden and subtle messages of the text, the long distance eye the narrator keep from you the reader is even furthur than the distance i the writer keep from me the author.

you understand why you may be labeled as someone who follows a cult, or rather- is part of a cult following (and the creation of one) if you tell all of your email facebook twitter and cellphone contacts about this website.

you are as uncomfortable discussing your feelings to other people as you are confronting yourself, the way you feel when being reborn.

this is the RE:Birth of the Cool and you are listening to vieux farka toure play guitar.

you have talked with someone else who has understood that this is not a blog.

you have been to the

but think it’s odd that the garden of eden is tinted in a devilish hue.

you don’t know why

don’t have more signs like this:


but feel that

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