playing with the personification of perspective

observe the shifting of your atomic arrangement as you read this, compared to when reading the post titled Doing it to death, i could write a book.

You were wide-eyed, seemingly awakened, and therefore looked as a sensational conquerer feels, consciously aware of your own ability to question perceptions while simultaneously maintaining a mysterious connection to an essence of aging imperfection in an ever fleeting moment of constant change. You had committed suicide over and over again to no avail, much like an alchemist, fearing and chasing death, yearning for resurrection, release from the cycle, but a circle is never ending you always said. You detached yourself from desire for approval, desire for life and the admiration from mortal companions, seeking refuge in the self-creation of a self-propelling star, a higher body, a wheel- you had created a creator. All other living creatures had become to you but creations of your mind, relations with others were seen as reflections in the fabric of the cosmos, silently urging you onwards along the ethereal path of wisdom. Your spirit was in charge, commanding direction as your body learned to listen. A gift and a curse. You wouldn’t stop until you felt permanently united with the universe, finding refuge only in the freedom of self-expession. In creation lies something heavenly; immortally, acts of profound arrangement live on long after the Actor or Mover has passed. You will always be alive through your actions.

What is a human? Ask me when it dies. Proph.B

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