the movement that was never born yet will never die

There is a worldwide revolution going on. Whether you are aware of this movement or not does not stop it from happening or spreading, you have only to make yourself aware. It is a revolution of the mind, body and spirit, a revolution of rebellion against traditions, dogmas and prejudices that have segregated humanity for so long. The youth are awakening to a new dawn of consciousness, the seeds for revolution are blossoming as you read this very proclamation. In America, a light of knowledge shines over Brooklyn…

Sartes didn’t say “you must get involved” or “be involved.” He said “you are already involved, even if you don’t think you are.” You have a role to play in society. The time is now to be aware of the significance of your existence.

I can only show you so much.

I learned from a book on Anarchism that I could see human life as an unpatterned flow of free creativity. Spontaneous and unplanned, as intrinsically harmonious as Nature itself.

ascension to the light of 7.


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