Gordon meets 17 7 yr olds from Harlem

Thank you to Mimi Saltzman, my new aunt, for offering me the upcoming film studies and English teaching job starting at the end of June. (Much more on this to come as the first day of school approaches.) Yesterday for lunch I went to Mimi’s place on Perry St, between W4 & Bleeker, and met a musician named Murray and a writer named Patti (sp?) who may be helping out in July as well. Soon after my arrival, a bus pulled up and the shrieks of seventeen first graders who go to school on 129th and Madison filled the apartment. “Yo this place is dumb nice!” “This apartment is fire!” “Who’s that guy?”

Quickly I made friends with the kids and got to be even more popular after I brought out the camera. Here are some of the pictures:

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2 Responses to Gordon meets 17 7 yr olds from Harlem

  1. JJ Fischer says:

    Now there is a man at home in his world. Just plain dumb nice…
    Bravo to Mimi for inviting you to join her…

  2. victoria-oh says:

    I love your blog because it keeps us on your beat.
    You are so lucky to be working with the little ones at Mimi’s school. Murray is a very wonderful musician and Mimi is the greatest aunt who by the way if she is your aunt she is my sister! None of this sister in law crap.

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