A Portrait Of The Artist

The Fool

“My occupation, to stimulate your elevation, to motivate and navigate the Revelation. I shine the light that knowledge ignites excite Blacks and Whites through the things that I write.”

Wise Intelligent. Nietzsche said that a good writer has not only his mind but also the mind of his influences, so I begin with two quotes to show you two of mine. The artist divine: draw inspiration from the thinkers whose writing birthed revolutions, from the martyrs who dared to challenge the dogmas, from the creators not bound by their contemporary culture.

In fighting the Gods of conformism a distinct Knowledge of Self emerges, surfacing in essence above the river of experience, consciously aware of its own freedom. Having released myself from tradition, a spirit recently actualized within yearns to vocalize perspective and shine light on the shadows of ignorance amassing the multitude. Visualizing a quest for deliverance, the artist inside dwells in possibility perpetuated through continually developing awareness and judgement from which to better perceive this incessant cascade of sense impressions called life. The supernal passion to create incites a longing for immortality; I engage in a battle with my very existence as I seek new combinations of symbols to interpret the limitations of human consciousness.

A call to free spirits, revolutionaries, pioneers, hip-hoppers, rockers, thinkers, readers, writers, artists, teachers, students, lost souls, creators, musicians, innovators, originators, geniuses, inventors, masterminds, prime movers, leaders of the future. To all those who stride with me, may you be aware of your journey. Let us march “Onwards along the path of wisdom, with a hearty tread, a hearty confidence! Let us stroll backwards, treading in the footprints in which humanity made its great and sorrowful passage through the desert of the past. Watch as your own lives take on the value of a tool and means to knowledge as you merge everything you have lived through into your quest for understanding…Become aware as your very being becomes a self-perpetuating phenomenon that intensely stimulates its own drive for knowledge” -Nietzsche

-Gordon Fischer, March 2011

Piercing The Veil: (written March 28, 2011)

[As my physical frame soon releases the essence of adolescence, a mystical mist of a new dawn of consciousness promises accomplishments of prominence. Intuition guiding me through the cave of the collective unconscious, I emerge from the depths with a strut in my step, a torch in my hand, visualizing the light for woman and man]

With Peace, Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. YoungPhilosopher says:

    love this- following it each and every day

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